Share in a passion for food, wine and people.

We know there are all sorts of ways to describe how important it is for people to contribute and work as a team. It’s also commonplace to understand the culmination of these things is a great experience.

Working as part of the Matilda Bay team is an experience of cohesion. We spend lots of time together in a fun environment. The sense of team we have shows in the detail of what we do for our customers. It double checking the plate before it leaves the kitchen, it’s having the strength of character to be present at work, even on a bad day – the show must go on. It’s also checking in with our guests even if they seem distant and disinterested (though they don’t very often). These things culminate to create an experience that is memorable for our customers, powerful enough that they want to experience it again.

Reading ‘our story’ section you discovered the essence of Matilda Bay is understanding the significance of sharing the act of eating. For us, what we do is inherently about the other person – whether that be our customers or our team members. It’s not necessarily about you, though you are the important link in delivering the importance of our business to our customers.  We love people who understand this and seek them out to work with us.

So, we welcome you to reach out and contact us if you share our belief.  Please contact Grant on 9423 5000 or email him at telling us your story of how we’d be the perfect match.