Let’s create food memories together.

Dining with us at Matilda Bay Restaurant is not your usual Perth restaurant experience.

Plenty of venues offer good food, they say they have great service, they might even have convenient parking. But there’s no other Perth venue offering the unique combination of experiences as we do at Matilda Bay Restaurant. There’s water edge dining, the glistening lights of Perth reflecting across the bay and yachts dotted across the bay. But Matilda Bay is more than just this: our is the real reason your experience will be memorable, where you’ll want to do it again.

When you dine at Matilda Bay we’ll give you food memories that excite you. They’re food experiences from dishes people rave about, the ones you have again when you go back (even though part of you wants to try others). We understand it’s our role to give you something you can’t create a home, where you feel food anticipation as you wait for your meal, and you see food envy in your guests as they watch the meal arrive.

We’ll serve up these kinds of experiences, so much so foodies write about it on Facebook. Especially our dry-aged meats, where our unique process makes the explosion of taste nothing other than pure food heaven. Add to it our creamy mash, freshly sourced vegetables and wines, and well, the phrase ‘food coma’ comes to mind.

Wait, we nearly forgot about desserts. You have to try our Brulee. And our Chocolate Dessert. Is it rude to have two? 

We know you’ll take your food memory away with you. The fresh bread delivered to your table not long after arrival as you settle in, the knowledgeable and personalized wait service that validated your decision to have that main you’d not tried before, and your mouth wateringly delectable dessert, the one you simply die for. 

It’s our philosophy toward food we hope you’ll love. We love to you to experience it again. Secretly, we think you will.